Friday, August 26, 2005

We're So Mean

Daughter #2 wanted to see a movie with her friend last night.

They were going to go to "Forty Year Old Virgin".

We did a ratings check, and told her No. She couldn't see it.

Rated 18A.

She's a month short of 17.

She was not impressed.

She argued from the pay phone, with her friend beside her, but found us immovable.

We are nasty parents. We don't mind embarrassing our children in front of their friends. I'm sure they think we spend all our spare moments thinking of evil chores and inflexible rules. It may appear that we are up nights devising ways to torture them and make their little lives miserable. But we don't have to.

It just comes naturally.

And we're good at it.


  1. Just like the Cosby's!

  2. Yup, I own up to that too.

    Ben said he wanted to see 'Sin City' a while back. "certificate?" I asked. "Eeerrr - 15 isn't it?" came the reply. "NO! It's an 18, and we don't want you to go" was my answer.

    He's 17.

    We are SO mean.


  3. I think you guys should start a 1-800 hotline for Moms who just off the phone with their ticked off teenager so I have somebody to call when it's my turn. :)

  4. Gee whiz! How can you care so much about what your kids see? (insert sarcasm here) Why can't you just be like all the moms and dads who don't care what your kids see, say or do and make the world a much easier place for them? Good grief! Can't they have a life? Do you realize they may have to spend thousands of dollars and perhaps hours on therapy because you wouldn't let them watch all these movies or cave on any of your rules?

    Ok, I think I have about sarcasmed myself out...nah...

    Kids are so funny. Good for you standing firm. They get over it quick. (like the next time they need burger $) =)