Monday, August 15, 2005

Just Home

So what's the first thing I do?

Bake oatmeal cookies.

The reason I had to bake oatmeal cookies, is that while I was away in Saskatoon for the weekend, I bought a glass cake platter- one of those pedestal plates with a big glass dome cover.

Now if you come for tea, you can close your eyes, and I'll spin you around, and when you open your eyes you'll see the cookies on the counter under the dome, and think you're in a very cool diner!

Or not!

Anyway, since I had the covered server, and I cleared a nice space on the counter for it, the only logical thing to do was make something to go on it.

Looks pretty good.


I also just found out that our "China" anniversary is coming up in two days.

Who knew!?

I guess I should get the man a nice teacup to go with his....other gift. (it's a secret, and he reads this too.)

Time to go tuck the boy in and kick the teenagers to their corners. I didn't get whacks of sleep in Saskatoon, so I think it's time to call it a night.

But first I'll go admire those domed cookies.

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