Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Today We Moved In Together

Although we are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary today, we only just moved in together today.

Twenty years, always two dressers. During the lean years, one dresser, four drawers.

Two drawers for him, two drawers for me.

One dresser for him, one dresser for me.

One dresser top apiece.

Until today.

I think that with many significant anniversaries, comes self evaluation.

At the thirty or forty year mark. With the ten, or fifteen, or twenty year Wedding anniversary.

We have been evaluating our space.

Not just the physical space that we occupy, but the mental and spiritual space that goes with it. We've both been growing more and more dissatisfied with the amount of mental clutter that invades our space.

This week we've begun to seriously concentrate on the mental clutter. Some of the physical clutter has to go, but more importantly we're taking a pro-active approach to the mental clutter that is here. We're hoping to give our spirits more freedom if there's less mental distraction in the air.

Yesterday I took issue with the kitchen cupboards yet again.

Today we downsized to one dresser in the bedroom. This means sharing dresser drawer and dresser top space for the first time in twenty years.

We also moved the computer out of the living room closet, and into the space once occupied by the second dresser in our bedroom.

We're hoping that the loss of the computer from the living room will make that space a little calmer and less cluttered. We're hoping that the loss of the television from our bedroom will make it also a little calmer and less chaotic. We're also hoping that having the computer under the bedroom window will make it a little nicer to work and get creative.

I can attest to the better blogging space! It is very pleasant facing the open window, with the streetlights shining on the rain soaked road outside. The breeze from the window is very Autumn-ish and fresh. I don't know how much the celebratory glass of good white wine is contributing to the atmosphere in here, but it is very nice.

Tomorrow we may move the stereo system onto the top of the second dresser which was moved into the computer's vacated lodgings. This would free up the unit in the living room for some of our favourite books, which would be nice.

One little bit at a time...

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.


  1. Cool. We're kind of going through the same thing (only five years in)--getting rid of stuff, moving stuff around. It's fun.

    Happy Anniversary.

  2. We've been doing the same thing..amazing tje mental cluuter than is removed with the material clutter.

    Happy Anniversary and here's to less clutter...inside & out.

  3. Ok...need to proofread...should have read:

    " We've been doing the same thing..amazing the mental clutter than is removed with the material clutter"

    Evidently we need to get rid of more stuff...I'm still cluttered to the point of mis-spelling.

  4. Congratulations. I've been cleaning out my sewing studio. I have a LONG ways to go however (I also got a little distracted - one blouse and skirt later...). I would love to do the bedroom as well, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that yet.