Friday, August 5, 2005

Sign in The Window

Of a downtown coffee shop:

Forever Yours, Wedding Rentals.

Is that not an oxymoron?


  1. NUTs!!!!!

    I missed the important bit about it being cheap.


  2. Times were a little 'tight' when we married.

    Chris's wedding dress came from a wedding hire outfit.

    The business was closing because the couple that ran it were divorcing.

  3. Well, these days where are...upgrades...

  4. for my best friend's wedding, she had rented a little tux for the ring bearer, and when we went to pick it up the day before the wedding, the rental place had gone into receivership, so she couldn't get the tux or her money back. They were able to find another one quickly at another shop, but I pity the bride who was there at the same time as us who had her DJ booked for her wedding the next day through that company. She sure was up the creek....and very upset!