Wednesday, August 3, 2005

You Know You're In The Big City When...

there are places to go after 10:00 pm.- coffee shops still open,  restaurants and pubs still doing business.

you see a person of colour, and don't automatically wonder where they've immigrated from.

it takes more than 15 minutes to get across town, and you have to start budgeting your time accordingly.

you notice the green spaces amidst the overwhelming concrete.

your coffee choices are more than "Tim's up the hill", or "Tim's in the East flats".

there are many, many buildings more than 5 stories high.

you miss the turn-off for Starbucks, but it's O.K., because there's another one in a few minutes.

guys walking in pairs wearing white shirts and ties are probably not Mormon missionaries.


  1. not sure about that last one....if i saw them in this lovely city of mine (which you are currently enjoying), i would suspect that they WERE Mormon missionaries!

  2. Look for the name tag clips! ...and the, that may be Jehovah's Witnesses....