Saturday, September 10, 2005

Apple Jelly

Or any  jelly... or jam!

Lynnette's asking for the recipe, so in case she doesn't check the comments...

I always use Certo for making jam or jelly. I prefer cooked jams, as opposed to freezer jams, because we only have a small freezer and something ready in a jar always seems quicker.

For Apple Jelly, I just followed the directions on the package liner in the box of Certo. There are instructions for making the juice, sterilizing jars and sealers, and making the jelly. Works a treat.

If you don't have cheesecloth to strain the juice through (you really should strain it to get a nice clear jelly) make a jelly bag from a pillow case, (if you don't sew, just use the whole pillow case. It'll be big, but it'll work) or piece of cotton. Fill your jelly bag with the stewed apples and juice, tie it up with a strong string- or shoelace...and hang it from the cupboard knob above the counter. If you don't have a place to hang it, place the filled, tied bag in a colander over a really big bowl. Let the juice drain through. Don't squeeze it. If you have lots of time and want to be extra economical, you can push the apple pulp through a wire sieve to make apple sauce for dessert.

Read through the instructions first, have a watch ready to time the minute of hard boiling, use a BIG pot and a really long spoon if you have. If you don't have a big pot (dutch oven sized kind of thing) try to borrow one. Or use this as an excuse to buy a stock pot. You might want to wear an oven mit on the stirring hand, as the stuff has a hot sticky tendency to spit and bubble as it boils.

Good luck with that.


  1. My mom used to use knee high stockings as a juice strainer...I hope she washed them well before using them ;)

  2. That is an excellent idea.

    : )

  3. it worked wonderfully! (except for one pot that boiled over ALL over the stove!) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jelly.