Thursday, September 8, 2005

Stewed, Sealed And Delivered

Well, the Crab Apple Jelly is made. I was able to fill all 24 pint jars (plus one 250 ml jar) in just over 6 hours.I didn't think that was too bad.

The left over apples have been juiced, and I was able to make some "no sugar added" crab apple jelly. I found some plain fruit pectin at the store, and together with the juice and some Splenda, have made a really nice sugar free jelly. I'm excited. I think I'm going to get some unsweetened orange juice and try making a marmalade type spread. So far the Orange fruit spread is my favourite. With 12 grain toast. And Tea.

I also had a Tim Horton's inspirational moment today. On the way there, (I walked, and ended up taking the long way around when I discovered that the gate I was planning to sneak through had been locked up) I was thinking about what I would order when I got there. I was meeting a friend for coffee, but as donuts are verboten since November, I was only going to have coffee- and just a plain coffee, because they don't have any sugar-free cappuccino flavours. (although I did bring some sugar free French Vanilla syrup in a Dimetapp sample bottle in my purse, but I forgot to add it!)

Anyway, my dietician would be so proud. I ordered a 12 grain bagel, and asked for half of it to be toasted, and the other half put in a "to go" bag. They must not get many such requests, as the cashier seemed a bit confused about the whole concept.

No funny stories today, just a lot of walking. To Tim's and back in the morning, then to the Good Shepherd retirement home beside the church later in the afternoon to give my husband moral support. Well, musical support. He was doing a service there and needed a pianist.

Tomorrow looks a little more sedentary.

(she said with a weary smile)


  1. Hey, if you have a minute today, could you post your sugar-in apple jelly recipe? I'm going to attempt some tomorrow, but have not yet found a recipe which i trust....thanks!

  2. Are you sure that was French Vanilla in the little flask in your purse? Was that why you had to walk everywhere yesterday?! :)

  3. "although I did bring some sugar free French Vanilla syrup in a Dimetapp sample bottle in my purse, but I forgot to add it!)"

    At our place you had Splenda in that magic purse too. What a resourceful woman!

    I am fantasizing about what it would be like to steal your purse so I can see what other delights you have in there. ;)

  4. Hi Laura, was November when you found out about the diabetes, or just when you started with the dietician?

  5. November was when I found out about the diabetes; Didn't see the dietician til after Christmas, I think. I've been twice now. Once to get encouraged that I was making excellent choices and doing really well; the second time to get some specific nutritional information that would make it easier to do "nutritional analysis" on the adapted and made up recipes I was starting to do. (Haven't been doing the math yet, but I'll get to it!)

    The apple jelly recipe comes straight off the Certo package - well from the paper inside the box. 7 cups of apple juice and 2 Tbsp. Lemon juice with one box regular certo; bring it to a boil and add 9 cups (pre-measured) sugar; bring that to a hard boil; boil and stir for 1 minute. Remove from heat and fill up your hot sterilized jars, top with your hot sterilized sealer lids and rings, eh voila! Instructions for sterilizing are also with the instructions. I always do the oven method- wash jars, stick 'em in the oven at 225*F, let them sit there while I put the sealer lids (or jam jar lids that still have good rubber around the edge) in the small pot on the back of the stove to come to a boil and then simmer, while I measure the sugar, put the juice and certo in the biggest pot and make the stuff.

    Making jams and jellies is very easy- very satisfying and very impressive. when you serve biscuits or scones with homemade jam or jelly people are always humbled by your cleverness.

    : )