Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Big Picture

Just back from the first Home and School meeting of the new school year.

We have a new member, and a new chairperson.

About 60 new kids, and 3 new teachers.

It looks like it will be a good year.

A very cool by-product of the meeting was being able to share my Sunday School curriculum.

I've just finished reworking 4 months of Kid's Club (which we called "ClubJoy") curriculum into 4 and a half months of Sunday School (which we call "XSF JOY"- we are ever joyful at the Covenant Church!) curriculum. My friend, the outgoing Home and School chairperson, mentioned on our way in to the meeting tonight, that she is in need of Curriculum for their Wednesday night children's ministry at the Salvation Army Church. After the meeting I told her what we're doing this year, and she was interested. She dropped me off at home and picked up my copy of the lessons to photo copy.

Very Cool.

It's exciting to be able to share stuff. The coolest thing is that I took a 2 and 1/2 - 3 hour monthly program and divided it into 45 minute weekly sessions. I asked how long they have every week, and she said 35 - 45 minutes. Is that not cool? It had to be done for our Christian Education Chairperson on Sunday, because we're starting this week. My friend needs to start this week. She had thought of just doing an introduction, but God knew she needed lessons ready to hand.

He always sees the big picture.

Too cool.

It's getting so cool in here that I'm thinking I should go put on a sweater or turn up the heat!

Maybe just close the window...

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  1. I think that is really very cool too. You are so creative and it is the coolest really to create stuff that God seems to want to use. Congratulations for well done work!