Monday, September 12, 2005


This summer, when I was visiting another church... and was maybe not paying as much attention to the sermon as I should have been... I made an interesting observation.

Interesting to me.

No two people were dressed the same.

This was a big church.

It was also a long sermon.

I had plenty of time to check everyone out really well, and no two people were dressed alike.

I saw no duplicate dresses, shirts, suits, ties, skirts, twins at all.

Every so often, since then, when I'm out in a public place and I find myself watching the people around me, I think of this again.

I have never, - at the mall, a church function, wedding, funeral or school assembly ever seen too people placed in the awkward situation of being dressed in the same clothes.

We are so rich.


  1. if you are talking about my church...just so you know....the guy who had the "prayer-sermon" got a talking to....

  2. funny how being in this rich society is what likely causes the feeling of awkwardness when two people are dressed alike.....i'm sure in some countries, many, many people have the exact same clothing, out of necessity...that's their only option!

  3. So THAT's what the Pastor's wife is doing while her husband spews his wisdom and godliness. I've always wondered. ;)

  4. You forget- I was visiting another church. My husband was nowhere in sight...and if course, I ALWAYS listen faithfully when he preaches, because he's a good preacher, although this past Sunday I was close to relaxing a little too much during a particularly long prayer...