Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's 4:25 am... you know where your somnolence is?


I think I must be.

Or getting too old to drink coffee after 5:00 pm.

Or too stupid to not take non-drowsy decongestants at bedtime.

All of the above?

Anyway, third night in a row, I've awakened around 3:00, with pressing bladder issues, and find myself still awake after more than an hour. Tonight I decided that rather than lying in bed listening to my achy joints I'd just get up and look at the computer screen til I get sleepy again.

Is it working?

Not yet.

Let's go see what some Spider Solitaire does for me...


  1. Oh man, I guard my Spider Solitaire statistics like a HAWK. Which level do you play on? I can't imagine what 4 suits would look like -- I struggle enough with playing two!

  2. Laura, you and I should have done tea at 4:30 am! Trouble sleeping too.

  3. Spider Solitaire? Middle level with 2 suites, usually. Sometimes 4 suites for a challenge. I've even won with 4 once.

    Tonight it will be tea at the church congregational meeting, and sleep inducing allergy pills at bedtime. I've been taking a 24 hour allergy tab every night, but I'm going to try switching it to morning. (I"ve tried it in the morning in the past, but I tend to forget to take it! Morning Memory.)

    Unless I start to feel sleepy at the meeting, then I'll switch to coffee, so I can stay awake to drive daughter #2 to Saskatoon to catch a bus for her weekend away. Three hours on the road, which will take me to after midnight. Of course, drinking lots of tea will have the bladder working overtime, which will help with staying awake too... especially once I hit bumpy construction closer to the city!