Sunday, September 18, 2005

Well, Here We Go...

And it's not off to see the Wizard.

The boys are on their way.

Bright and early.

And we won't talk about who got up and made them Chocolate Chip muffins for breakfast, and deli- turkey breast wraps and jam sandwiches, and then drove them to the appointed meeting place at 8:15 am ...


I have to leave for church in at least 10 minutes.

I'm starting to feel the way I do just before a particularly unpleasant medical procedure.

Like a Colonoscopy.

Or a Barium Enema.

Or a Barium follow-through.

(I had stomach issues in College)

I guess the thing to do is ...

..........NOT forget my notes and the Bible on the kitchen table.

..........treat it like bad tasting medicine. Take a deep breath, plug my nose and swallow.

In an hour and a half it will be all over.

Then I have a lunch date with my lovely daughter.

That will make it all better.

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