Sunday, September 18, 2005


Home again.

Morning went alright, if everyone was telling the truth.

Lunch was Extremely good...grilled chicken Pita.

Now I feel like going along with Hillary on the way to work and checking out some shoes I saw at Payless. The afternoon downtime has begun.



  1. I'm so proud of you, Laura! Wish I could have heard it! :)

  2. It was great. I'm glad I did hear it.

  3. From now on the phrase "lighten up" will not be spoken glibly. Your words were just what the Doctor ordered. It was a wonderfully thought-provoking sermon (and you didn't even drool) hee hee hee (3 hee hees make one huge laughing spree and all out loud)....and I do realize that is a private joke but I just couldn't resist.....get behind me Satan!

    It's great to be surrounded by important folks in my life that have such a tremendous sense of humour and speak words of life to me. Thanks.

  4. perhaps you should post the sermon notes on this page so those of us who were not priveleged to be there can still learn from you...

  5. I agree...we want notes! We want notes!

  6. Her sermon's them was based on "lighten up."

    Nice joke there on the whole pita bit Lauralea!

    Now you made me hungry for a pita. What I get is a grilled steak with double meat (you have to have double meat), double cheese, loaded with pickles, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, teriaky sauce, cajun hot sauce, all in a large whole wheat pita.

    *Does a Homer Simpson type drooling*