Sunday, October 23, 2005

AAAHRRRRG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They've Killed It!

Last night, while scrolling through the program guide to see what was watch-able on the telly I saw "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown", on YTV.



More than 2 MONTHS before Christmas!!!!!

And we wonder why we're tired of Christmas by the time it comes.

At least let us get through Halloween first.

This could be a good reason to move to the United States; do they not wait til after their Thanksgiving in the middle of November before beginning the big commercial push for Christmas?

As Charlie Brown himself said, (when the little tree fell over from the Christmas ball) AAAHRRRG!

Wonder when they'll think of dressing Santa Claus up like the Easter Bunny and sending him out with a UNICEF box? Wouldn't that be the best of two commercial worlds?


  1. If anything, you'd think they'd show the one about waiting for the Great Pumpkin first. But you're is sad. Just wait for November 1 to roll around, then all hell will break loose, so to speak.

  2. Hey, if Costco can start selling eggnog...;)

    I did a search of our Sattelite and found christmas episodes this week of Frasier and Home Improvement. They just go in the rotation any old time. Pathetic.