Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is This Normal?

Not only am I a freak, but I think my son is a bit weird too.

We're home from the school dance, and the guy I'm coaching in music theory is here for a lesson, and Micah comes into the kitchen looking for a snack.

Can I have this? he says.

I look.

He's holding the celery.

Uh, yeah. I say. Sure.

Is the boy strange, or what?!


  1. Don't question it. It may never happen again.

  2. in the area of freakdom... I enjoy a good tooth flossing. I carry the floss sticks around in my purse especially since the kids had bad checkups last time and then one of my teeth broke so food always gets caught in my teeth. And on the celery bit. My oldest's favorite snack is celery. On a side note check out my post about YOU sort of.