Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pardon Me?

Home for almost an hour now, and the hearing is pretty much back to normal.

I've got to say, that Mr. Wallace has a good bunch of kids there.

Must have been 50 or 60 grades 6 - 8 kids at the first dance of the year, and they were just having a blast. I thought the parent chaperons should have started a "mixing" pool to see when the boys and girls would start to mix it up. It was still girls dancing in groups and boys being goofy in groups when I left an hour and a half into the thing.

I also thought it a bit ironic that these young people all seemed to know the words to "Summer of '69". The D.J. was handing out prizes at different times and there should have been a prize for anyone who was actually alive in the summer of '69! I think that would have been the principal, one of the grade 6 teachers and myself.

Ah, me.

It was nice to be an observer at the dance, anyway. I've come a long way since the days when my mother wouldn't let my sister and I go to high school dances. Who'd a thunk it.

Or how the mighty have fallen!

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