Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cough Syrup?




Ear Plugs?


Big Pointy Stick?


Well, looks like I'm ready.

It's the Grade 6-8 "Halloween Howl" Dance tonight at Micah's school.

Guess who got rooked into being a chaperon?

Here we go, for some ear splitting, crowd controlling fun.

At least I'll be able to be a little "incognito" as soon as the lights go down, what with all the kids being taller than I am. Could be an asset for covert operations, but a definite detriment for breaking up fights.

Why don't I want to do this?

Have fun, the husband says.

Well, I'll do my best.

Agent Friesen sigh-ning off.

1 comment:

  1. At our school they call it "Parent volunteering". They don't call it 'chaparoning' until the kids discover making out. ;) Hope you had fun.