Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All Aboard

Micah's train of thought.

We talked to Johanna, who is away at College, last night.

Micah said a few words to her; he needed to know if they've had snow in Strathmore yet.

After we'd said goodbye, he began...

If someone asked Johanna to marry them, would she? If she liked them...I mean, if she was in love with them? Do you think she would? But not for a long time.

We thought that if Johanna was in love, there was a good possibility that she'd want to get married.

If she was married, and she had some kids, would they cousins?

He was pleased and humbled to know that they would, in fact, be his nieces and nephews; that when Johanna has children he will be an uncle.

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