Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ahh, That's Better

Back from the grocery store.

Needed toilet paper and bread.

And juice boxes for lunches tomorrow.

But, I'm feeling a little flu-ish.

The upper respiratory kind.

There's a thickening of the mucus glands from my throat up through my nose.

So, it was nice to get home and lose the bra, and trade the trousers and blouse for my comfy thermal underwear and sloppy sweater.


Change the laundry around, re-make the bed, boil some water for tea and have some toast or something. And hope no-one comes to check any meters today.


And drugs.

Don't forget the drugs.

Strictly over the counter meds.

Maybe a steamed milk tea instead of regular....


  1. Milk usually isn't a good option when you feel mucus-y....but maybe you are different than me!

  2. Yeah, Angie you are right, milk when you have a build up of mucus is not good. That is what I have been told.