Wednesday, October 12, 2005

That Was Close

Our daughter was home for the Thanksgiving weekend, and she happened to ask about her Grad pictures. I told her where the proofs were, and said I'd been thinking about them that week. She pulled them out of the drawer, and with a shriek of horror saw  "expires August 31, 2005" at the bottom of the page. I assured her that the expiry date was only for the early ordering offers and special coupons. She wasn't convinced, but I kept my cool.

This week, after she was back to school in Alberta, I took a good look at the papers. I must confess that I was getting very nervous about the whole ordering thing. It really did look like one might not be able to order graduation portraits after the end of August.

I just finished phoning the number.

I talked to a nice lady who assured me that they keep proofs on file for 2 years after pictures are taken, so a 2005 graduate has until the end of the 2007 school year to get pictures made.


I'll go get the chosen proofs ready to mail.

That was a close one.


  1. And now you have totally blown your cover as the world's most perfect mom. YIKES

  2. i HATE it when those unknown deadlines jump out of nowhere and cause panic and anxiety until resolved.

    however, we had a pleasant deadline surprise the other day....we had gotten a coupon for a free 2nd home energy evaluation (after they've done the first and you've done the upgrades), but i thought it was long expired. We booked the evaluation anyways, given that we needed to get it done, and presto! I found the coupon and it's good as long as your first evaluation is before the 31st of Oct, which ours is! Yay! It's like finding money in a pocket you hadn't looked in for years.