Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Am A Freak

I mean, who but a freak, and maybe Potsy Webber from Happy Days, uses Dental Floss up?

Who has a mild panic attack when they pull the last strand of minted floss out of the dispenser, until they realize there's another, a spare floss dispenser in the medicine cabinet?

I haven't always been a Flossing Freak. The little sample that came with the new tooth brush once a year was usually plenty. It took care of the odd bit of stuck steak or popcorn and was sufficient for the pre-check up flossing.

How did I become a Freaky Flosser?

A Freaky Flossing Friesen?

(ooh... alliteration!)

My beautiful Dentist filled the gaping holes in my head, that's how.

Over the course of my life, I've lost both of my mouth's middle molars (on the bottom- more alliteration, by the way). If you find them I don't want them back.

I've lost 20 pounds since November, and I don't want that back, if found, either.

But I digress.

She bridged me once, then she bridged me again.

At the time I thought it might have been A Bridge Too Far, but I'm used to them now and it's all good.

However, I was told, on pain of death, that I MUST FLOSS EVERY DAY. I got a nifty little blue needle threader to do it with and everything. And, since I'm already in there, it's not too arduous to floss the rest of them while I'm at it.

They tell me that people who floss live longer.

People who floss have better sex lives.

I don't think there's any actual proof of that second thing, I was just seeing if you were paying attention!

So, May all you Flossers be Freaky Flossers.

Floss on.


  1. I usually am pretty good about flossing right after I go to the dentist, for a few weeks, but then it slowly tapers off as I just want to get my teeth brushed and go to sleep, no time to floss. Got a dentist appointment in a week, so you can bet I will start up flossing again ;)

  2. Freaky Flosser SharonOctober 12, 2005 at 5:10 AM

    I'm hooked. I can't go to bed without flossing. I also floss after lunch....and keep floss in my purse at all times!!! Such a habit I have.....and I haven't had a cavity in years. My children are the same....but poor husband hasn't caught the wave - yet!!!

  3. I must remember to slip your little bit of info. I bet you men would fall for it. They are usually the worst flossers. Better sex might be the motivation they need! :-)

  4. Sharon, I can see where Matt gets his flossing ideals from. I never floss. I guess there is a point to it. But I just never get the urge to do so.