Monday, November 21, 2005

Buckle Up For Safety

I thought last week was scary.

Crazy busy.

I commenced Monday with a fairly clear calendar. Ah. Relaxed, I thought.

Before that day was over, the tone of the week began to be felt. There were daily add-ons, leaving me breathless.

That was last week.

This morning I'm feeling the need to take a deep breath before plunging in. I'm afraid the cold shock might do me in.

It's alright. Slow, deep, cleansing breaths. Out with the bad air, in with the good. Relax. Breathe.

..quickly collect some post-able some writing and check the emails while Randall takes the On-Call phone back to the hospital, turn on the curling iron, then wash the dishes, then get made up for the day, put on the bra and change the shirt in case we go out for coffee, make some squares for the first funeral of the week tomorrow, Micah's not coming home for lunch though, so that's a blessing, take out the bacon for supper and maybe cook some potatoes to fry later, meet our friends for coffee tonight that will be nice, Oh, don't forget to get the Avon order in before 11:00, head over to the church tomorrow morning to help set up for the funeral, maybe Micah should take a lunch again in case I have to hitch a ride along with Randall and if it's more of a pain than it's worth I'll just stay at the church until funeral time after lunch, but think of something that can go in the crock pot for supper and get that ready before I go to the church; I might need to walk over, but that's o.k., because it's only about a 20 minute walk if I'm not rushing, I don't think there's anything happening in the evening so that's good, Wednesday I need to do some baking to send along with Randall for Johanna when he goes for the board meetings at the end of the week, and there'll be some more squares to make for the second funeral, the second funeral will be Wednesday or Thursday, I hope I can be here for a four hour stretch to make cinnamon buns, because those are nice to send along, and that will take care of at least one breakfast too, Thursday looks not too bad, unless there's a funeral, oh, but there's my monthly prayer group meeting that I look forward to in the morning, and then Micah and I both have dental appointments starting right  after lunch, that should keep us busy til almost the end of school, Maybe I can make Micah go back to school after his appointment instead of waiting for mine to be done, because his starts an hour before mine, I wonder if I should just change the dental appointments to another less busy week, I'll wait and see when the funeral is, I'll just change either or both of those if I need to, I think I'm supposed to meet the other three quarters of the quartet after supper to practice a song for Sunday's advent service, oh, I should go over it a few times before then, so I know what I'm singing, but Friday is relatively un-booked, except that Micah has the day off, too bad I'll have to drive Thomas to school, because Hillary is going along with Randall when he leaves Thursday for the board meetings, no sleeping in, Oh, I was going to phone Lisa and offer to babysit for her, because she asked for a volunteer to babysit Callah while she's helping Steve with the youth group progressive supper, Randall says she's already had several volunteers, but I was going to offer anyway, I wonder if they're taking Matthias with them, I'll have to do yet more baking for the advent service dessert potluck on Sunday, was there something else I had to do on the weekend? It seems like there was but I can't remember, Oh, in between I need to find time to get over to the school to photo copy raffle tickets and put them together into books, we wanted to have that done before parent/ teacher interviews on Friday, although interviews start Wednesday after school, Oh, that's right, we have to meet with Micah's teachers around 5:30 on Wednesday, so I need to have supper ready early, and then we have to get over to the church for our small group meeting, because it's also a week of prayer at church, and we're going through the stations as a small group, and don't forget to put all Johanna's mail together, and don't forget the Christmas concert ticket for Nancy, Johanna can hold onto it for her, I forgot about the laundry, we're almost out of wash cloths and underwear, where does it go? I know I'm forgetting something...

Hanging on for the ride.

Now, where's my safety belt...


  1. yeah, I was wondering if you could write a quick musical for me.....and help me sew a few more costumes...since you have time......

  2. Good Luck you two. You are a better person than I coz I think with a week like that or even less I would be doing Mackers for supper and hitting the Grocery Store for thos bought baked goodies. Now back to organizing my entire office.

    Keeping all of the Church Family in my prayers this week. Especially the Dice Family and my dear Auntie Florence

  3. I can relate on so many levels!

    It's tough because i feel 'guilted' into so much, and I'm trying to set boundaries that help my family. Do i go to the school parent meeting even though I am communicating directly with my kids teachers, just to please a group of close-knit women and it gets stupid and political? I struggle so much with what is really important.

  4. Yikes! I guess I'd better not mention that you left out Wednesday Bible study!

    Of course we'd understand if you weren't there...but we'd miss you!

    Could I use any more exclamation marks?! I suppose I can...

  5. i had a week like that last week. Just remember to spend time with Him each day to recharge. Will be praying for you throughout the week as you come to mind...

  6. Marc: I did mention it... we're doing the Prayer stations at the church, remember? I think we'll be meeting at the church.

    : )

  7. Hang on!!! You just about wiped out on that last corner.

  8. Musta missed it. I admit I got lost halfway through the shpiel!

  9. "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11

    The yoke fits well, doesn't it?