Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Get Your Mind Out Of The


We did the coffee date with our friends last night. Good times.

While we were there, a bunch of musicians started gathering. Sitting in a circle. Playing their instruments, just joining in as they arrived. Just hangin' together.

I noticed a little sign posted in several places around the coffee bar, announcing the Songwriter's Circle. I assumed that this is what was going on.

I also noticed the white board, beside the til, where they usually post their lunch menu and specials.

The special drink was a Blueberry Tea that had three types of liquor in it. Also mentioned was.... garble, garble, garble...JAM....garble, garble...

(can you tell I wasn't reading very closely?)

As we were visiting, I pointed to the Songwriter's Circle notice on the wall beside our table, and suggested that that's what the musicians were doing.

My husband looked at me with disgust, nodded toward the white board across the room and said, It's "Jam Night". I can't take her anywhere!

JAM, I was thinking... strawberry, or apricot! JAM!


  1. We were there at about 6:20 last night. One lonely girl arrived and started playing and singing quietly and sheepishly. I'm glad she was joined by others.

  2. 2 kinds of alcohol, not 3. Blueberry Tea is usually made with 1 oz. of amaretto and 1 oz. of grand marnier, with hot Red Rose tea poured over top. In case you need to settle down in the evening....

  3. I thought there were three things besides tea... nope. Gavin's right. I just phoned and they confirmed it. You know, I bet that would be nice, just before bed, with plain skimmed milk (the blueberry tea without the tea, that is!) ... isn't grand marnier orange flavoured, and amaretto almond flavoured? With hot chocolate... or just a shot of bavarian chocolate syrup...

  4. Oh dear, that was me, not Micah. Forgot to change the names... he must have been the last one on here making comments!) He really isn't allowed to drink yet. Really. Honestly.