Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mid Week Update

A little more Stream-of-Consciousness for you...

Wednesday 3:22 pm and the cinnamon buns are baked; made a full batch of dough and put half of it into little twisty buns that I'll put jam and icing on; I need to get some jammed and iced before they get home from school, although Hillary and Thomas might go to the mall after school; We have to be over at the school by 5:40 this evening to meet with Micah's teachers; it shouldn't be too bad, he's not doing terribly in school; I need to address the vegetables for supper, I was thinking of a zucchini/tomato/onion/carrot medley in the oven; I was going to do it in the crock pot but I wasn't organized enough, and besides if I wrap them in foil and stick them in the oven there's less to clean up; phone just rang, someone for the hearing people, they're having a hearing test clinic at the library, and could she ask me a few questions... do I ever need to ask people to repeat themselves, or does it ever sound like people are mumbling... how tempting is it to say Pardon me? after every question? I have about an hour til supper should be ready, which means I should get the veg ready to go in the oven, and then I can mix up some brownies for Johanna, and while the brownies are baking I can start the clean up, although I was going to broil the steak because we're out of propane so I can't use the barbecue; maybe I should get the vegetables started and just keep them warm while the steak cooks; Oh, I have some yams that I was going to cook as well; I should bake those while the vegetables are cooking. I wonder if I'll have time to bake the brownies before we go over tonight; maybe there'll be time between interviews and small group; I can leave the brownies til later, because they don't take very long, and mix up the sugar cookie dough instead; Johanna thought it might be nice if I sent her some unbaked sugar cookie dough that they can bake at the dorm; I can mix up the cookie dough while the veg. are cooking, and mix up some chocolate chip cookie dough to bake later; if the choc. chip cookie dough is ready, I can bake a couple of dozen first thing in the morning, even, before they leave; I wonder if Randall can drop Thomas off at school on his way out of town tomorrow; that would be nice so I don't have to take him; Maybe Hillary can go with him to get the rental car too, she should be motivated to be helpful so they can get on the road; I hope I don't forget anything that I'm supposed to send for Johanna; I got the photo copying done after lunch; Pattie Campbell is a sweet-heart; she was very helpful; I was able to count the copied sheets into stacks of 10 while they were being photo copied, so all I should have to do is put one stack on a plain last page, staple them and then cut them into booklets; and number them and put the children's names on them, and sort them into classes; I can use some brown lunch bags for that; No wonder Mr. Wallace- the principal- didn't want us harassing Pattie with it this year; Well, tomorrow still looks not too bad as far as plans; I'm hoping to fit the baking of a few pans of squares in between prayer meeting in the morning and dentist appointments in the afternoon; Micah might be staying for lunch which always buys me an hour; but his appointment is at 1:30, so if I go with him and then stay til my appointment at 2:20, that will likely be the whole afternoon; don't forget the quartet practice at 7:00.... or is it 7:30? I got the song re-written, so it's easier to sing from; words for all 6 verses hymn book style, with the harmonies set down properly; we were going to try reading the harmony notes from the accompaniment part which would have been too much work; Shoot, it's 3:38 now, so I should go and get on the vegetables or they won't be cooked by 4:30... I don't think it will take too long for the veg, but the yams will take longer, and if I want to do the steak I need to have the oven  free by at least 4:20...The second funeral is at 2:00 on Friday; Micah has no school that day; I wonder if he'll want to go along with me or stay home and watch TV or something; If I were him I'd want to stay home; I don't know how that will work for helping out with the lunch set-up; I didn't help much at all yesterday, thinking I could help more Friday but I'd forgotten that Micah had no school; Randall's home, and I'm busted, so I should go get back to work...

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  1. can we say "supermom/superwife"? wow. Even reading that leaves me tuckered out.