Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Wish I Were A Squirrel

It's been COLD the past few days.

Winter came upon us suddenly.

Out of the blue... er, grey.

Went to bed Sunday night, quite late even, and all was calm. All was bright. Not a flake in the sky.

Woke up Monday morning to Flurries and cold.  Snow. Measurable amounts.

It was so surreal.

I have awakened every morning since, half expecting it to be gone; like emerging from a white-fog dream.

But, alas.

It would seem that winter has come, albeit in an ungentlemanly rush, to stay.

I feel, on days like this- grey... cold... did I say grey?, like hibernating. Relaxing into a soft, warm hammock-y place, and sleeping forever.

Excuse me while I find my slippers. Hot cup o' tea? With Rum! Wash the dishes in really, really hot water. Bake something for dessert... warms the kitchen up and makes everyone think I'm loving them!

What was that old dish soap commercial? .... Here I go, walking in the snow....

1 comment:

  1. We're an hour or so from you and are supposed to get -1 to +4 temps starting Thurs and through Sunday. Any chance you will be on the recieving end of that?