Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

I'd keep it by the back door to chuck at Thomas when he gets home from school.

I say, to the husband as he's on his way out the door this morning; Where's Thomas? His alarm just went off. Send him in to turn it off. I don't care if he's already in the van, waiting to be driven to school. Send him in.

It's alright, the husband says. It will stop in a minute.

Try 120 minutes.

I know, I could have entered the nether-regions of his room, searched out the offending beep maker and then hurled it across the room... or turned it off.

But, it became a matter of proving a point. Of being able to say, next time, SEND HIM IN. It doesn't go off in a minute.

And you wonder where my children get their stubbornness from?!

Annoyance endured.

Point proven.


  1. too bad you didnt have a discman....it could have been 120 minutes of what YOU chose to listen to.

  2. As I reported to you earlier, i don't know who's got the bigger problem, the kid with an alarm clock that goes off at the wrong time, or the mom who lets it play for two hours, just to prove a point!!