Monday, November 28, 2005

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Governor General Michaelle Jean will not be decorating a "Christmas" tree at Rideau Hall this season. According to the CBC 9:00 news, she'll be adorning a festive "Holiday" tree this year.

This could get a lot of attention from Christian groups, who will, I suspect, be offended and alarmed at another example of the "trend" to secularize or socialize one of the most Sacred seasons in the Christian calendar.

I kind of like it.

Think about it,  "Christmas"- what does it mean?

The word literally comes from the  Middle English word  "Christemasse," which in turn is from the Old English "Cristes masse", which literally means, Christ's mass. A "Mass" is  the liturgy of the Eucharist, or a celebration of the Eucharist. Eucharist? Originally from  the Greek, it means gratitude; (from eucharistos grateful, - from eu- + charizesthai to show favor, from charis favor, grace, gratitude; akin to Greek chairein to rejoice) Eucharist is the coming together of God's people to celebrate his goodness; to gratefully rejoice in his grace; to remind each other of his love by celebrating holy communion together.

"Christmas" = remembering God's goodness and celebrating communion as a grateful act of worship.

Besides Easter is there be a more Holy-Day?

Because that's what "Holiday" is- originally Middle English, from Old English hAligdag, from hAlig holy + dag day: Holy Day.

So I, personally, don't mind hearing about "Holiday Trees" and "Holiday Carols". I think it's an even better name than "Christmas" for one of the most Holy Days of the year!

With the first Sunday of Advent just under our belts, I'll be gearing up for our Holiday celebrations; there's a tree to trim,  special holiday treats to concoct and holiday gifts to make and buy, to remind those I love that I do, indeed love them, and that I am able to love them because of the great love God has shown me.

Happy Holiday!


  1. Nice take on that one, Lauralea. I always get frustrated, as striking one tradition from the record isn't exactly "inclusive" and "inoffensive".

    Your take is positive. I like it.

  2. it's subversive, I like it.

  3. Ah, That would make me Positively Subversive!

    Mmm.... not bad. That resonates with my hidden rebellious streak!