Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Make That An "F"

I worked up the nerve to see a doctor today about some tests I had awhile ago... OK, over a month ago.

I failed.

Should have studied harder, I guess.

So, it would appear that my pancreas is probably working at about half speed. The old organ just ain't makin' music like it should. Guess I'll have to keep working on those "diabetic recipes".


I was hoping it was a sugarless dream. A bad, sugarless dream; but alas and alack.

At least the failed test didn't involve a dead rabbit. Or peeing on a stick. (the thought of collecting Canada Pension and Family Allowance at the same time is somehow not appealing to me!)

See, there's always a sweet, silver lining.


  1. That sounds like a joke we have here:

    "Where's the F in insulin?"

    "There's no F in insulin"

    Boom ching (you need to say it out loud).

    I hope the rest of your enzymes are OK. As long as it's not getting worse... are you looking at injections, or will you control it through diet?

    I guess the good news is that, like you say, you won't be directly responsible for a nappy-changing requirement in the near future. :D

  2. I have 2 favourite "F- in" jokes. One is Randall's idea with a fellow from church to manufacture a set of tools- (hammers, screwdrivers, drills etc.) Called the "F.N. Tools" One could then charge around the house yelling, "where's my F.N. hammer?!" etc. Love it.

    The other was a time when one of the girls, I think it was Hillary, was practicing for a band concert, and came out to complain that she couldn't get a couple of the high notes. I told her just do her best, and if the teacher asked what the problem was, she could, in all honesty say, "I just can't get the "F" and "C".

    : )

  3. Aww hon, I'm sorry. I know how I wait on pins and needles for my fasting insulin and hormone labs to come back.

    If the glass is half full, not half empty, then the pancreas is half working, not half broken. ;)