Saturday, December 17, 2005

Just Checking In


I haven't died, and I haven't left the country.

Just been getting ready for "Open House 2005".

It's become one of our Christmas traditions.

Randall has a few pictures posted at his place.

Great fun, but a lot of prep work.

There are tons of baked goodies left over, and I didn't even go overboard, like the first time! Kept it to a minimum this year.

Seriously, the hardest part was putting the greenery up above the windows.

You have to remember that I'm not yet 5 feet tall.(I continue to live in hope that they'll find a big "S" curve in my spine, straighten it out and make me 6 or 8 inches taller.) I stand on the counter, above the sink, to attach the fake green branches to the curtain rod, and I don't have to duck. There must be at least 5 and a half feet clearance. I don't even feel claustrophobic when I'm up there.

Today's hangover mostly involves a slight headache from too much juice punch and hot cider, and really achy leg muscles from climbing up and down chairs and cupboards.


The school Christmas concert is over.

The Open House, Prince Albert edition is over.

Church Family Christmas party is tomorrow afternoon, and .... I don't have to do any baking for that (just don't complain at the leftovers!)

My lovely friend Tracey, who couldn't even stay for cider, brought over a quiche and buns for brunch so I could sleep in.

(I think I love my friend Tracey!)

Much of the Christmas gift shopping is done.

I always feel, on the day after the Open House, that I can relax and slide into the Holiday, like slipping into a piping hot bubble bath.

I'm going now.

Just to soak for awhile.

Wake me if anything exciting happens!


  1. I looked forward to that cider all day. It was nutty at work and I was all wound up from that, but the cider let me sleep like a baby. Very nice tradition. Your home is so inviting and warm. Thanks.

  2. I Loved the cider, too!! It was fun to stop by. Will stay longer next year, promise. Thanks, again for the awesome hospitality. Daniel was quite surprised at the goodies, he said I need to get your cider recipe, but I remember watching you make some so I got it covered. Blessings to you and yours always, my friend! Big Hugs....

  3. ...before you get into the bath...dont you have some sewing to do?

  4. Shhh... that's a secret! And I'm on it! I'll have at least 1/3 of my projects done!