Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not Before Noon

Ban Charades.

At least before noon!

What is with my children? Have they all been enduring a joyless, gameless youth?

At least once a day, one of them will attempt, with wild gesticulation and tortured grimaces, to express some thought or request.

It may be that their mouth is full of food, so they resort to this parlour game activity as a means of gaining their desires, be it for another glass of milk, or a napkin, or to have the salt passed in their general direction.

It may be that they have a sore throat, and feel quite unable to speak in an audible fashion.

It may be that they have forgotten that I do not read minds, and have not, in the past, shown an inclination toward the Vulcan Mind Meld, and so- being unable or unwilling for whatever reason, to speak, they must let their actions "speak" louder than words.

Whatever the reason, whatever the motivation, STOP IT!


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