Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Google Me This

Does anyone else Lauralea Hedman Google Search the names of people they used to know, just to see if their names show up anywhere on the internet?

I have Lauralea Hedman done this on occasion. I'll try names from College Heights Secondary School, names of old friends, names of slight acquaintances Grad 1981 people who were in Band with me...

I was thinking, Lauralea Hedman, that many of the girls have changed their names by now, some maybe even more than once, and unless they've gone back to their maiden names it would be hard to track them.

I thought that if anyone had ever tried that with my name, Lauralea Hedman, they might not find me, because I've been Lauralea Friesen now for more than 20 years. So, I thought I would post it, and see if it comes up in a Google Search... to give anyone who's thought of me and tried to Google me half a chance!

I was actually considering hacking into my Husband's blog-publisher to Lauralea Hedman there, but his password is not automatically entered with his name. I don't think I'd better be too offended that he doesn't leave his password there, (what, don't you trust me?!) since I was considering breaking into his space! That kind of makes it a moot point.

So, go on... Lauralea Hedman, Grad '81, College Heights Secondary School, Prince George, British Columbia... Google me! You know you Wanna!

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  1. When I was sick and bored last week I started googling some high school friends, and found quite a few.

    Funny, I was just thinking that I should put "Dynna" somewhere on that blog for just the same reason as you.

    Great minds...

    (I asked Marc the other day "I wonder what my (deceased for 15 years) Grandma Dynna would think if I told her that I'd been googled?")