Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On Leaving Home

This morning as I was waking up, I suddenly thought that it will soon be time for "The Talk".

I'll need to sit the girls down and broach that most important subject with them, before they leave home. I can probably get them both in at the same time, as Johanna is in a segregated, controlled Bible College situation, and I hope "The Talk" won't be necessary til she's at least done there, although, you know what they say about "assuming".

So, I'll have to start thinking this through. How to approach it, without offending. How to explain it, without amusing. How to share...

Things Boys Think Mean "Let's Have Sex".

(such as)

"Do you want to come in for awhile?"

"My room-mate is out for the evening."

"It's awfully cold in here."

"I don't have to be home til ____"

"What's your place like?"

"You made this all by yourself?!"

"You look nice tonight."

"You smell good."

"Oh, I'm sorry you flunked the test."

"Nice car."

"I like that sweater, is it new?"

"What did you have for supper?"


"Good evening."

Pretty much anything.

So, on preparing to leave home and set up your own abode, remember: Never give a boy the benefit of the doubt. Don't talk to strangers. Don't talk to boys. Especially don't talk to strange boys. Let your mother know where you will be at all times, even if you are half a continent or an ocean away. And practice saying, out loud, "Not until we're married."


  1. hey, I thought we'd been having that talk for a long time now!!

  2. "hello"

    LOL @ that.

    I suspect that your daughters - how old are they - have been dealing with this for some time. Unless teenage boys are quite slow in Canada (unlikely) even Hilary will have a couple of years experience. I'd agree that being out of their parents home 'accidents' easier, but only a little easier.

    While you're at it, talk to the boys too. Sex outside marriage is as damaging for the male as the female.

  3. I'm on it! The boys, well, the 15 yr old for sure, has already had the "keep it in your pants" speech. More than once.

    : )

  4. I'm dreading that talk already.

  5. On the 'keep it in your pants' thing, our experience is that girls are at least as likely try to get a 'nice young lad' in a position where he really won't want to stop. I'd say approach with a view to protecting your sons as much as your daughters.

  6. The other mating call that a college boy will likely hear from a college girl - "I'm soooo drunk." Oy ... I'm so glad those days are way behind me (for me personally) and that "the talk" is way ahead of me (for The Alien).

  7. Okay. You HAVE to let me know how it turns out. I've already decided that Jorja will NOT be wearing anything that shows her ankles, neck, or wrists. And it will ALL be shapeless clothing. *LOL* Has anyone priced out a chastity belt? *LOL*

  8. One cent short of 20 bucks?