Friday, February 10, 2006

Anchor's Aweigh, My Boys

Need to vacuum through the main floor, and iron my green shirt, and phone Micah's Host Parents to confirm his reservation, because Hillary and I have a date in Moose Jaw this weekend.

Oh, yeah! We'll be Spa-in' and Tunnelin' and chillin'. As soon as I pack my toothbrush I'll start getting really excited. (I always pack my toothbrush last)

Hillary felt the need to plan a get-a-way, and thought she'd take me with her... probably because we wouldn't let her take the car by herself and you need to borrow your Mom's credit card to book a hotel room...

So, I'm going along and I predict that we'll have a really nice time away.

The only glitch we had was that after everything was booked Randall said he had to be away for Bible College board meetings. SO; I had to get the boys sorted out too, but that's all done now, and we're almost ready to go.

I'll bring my "desk-top" along and take notes. When I get back I'll bring you up to speed!


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