Thursday, February 9, 2006

Lessons Learned?

Lesson 1: Don't bug your Brother.

Lesson 2: When being bugged by your Brother, restrain yourself. Don't react. Especially don't over-react.

Lesson 3: When over-reacting to bugging from your Brother, don't punch.

Lesson 4: Don't hit.

Lesson 5: Don't kick.

Lesson 6: When you are kicking, look first. Make sure you are kicking the person you intended to kick.

Lesson 7: When your Mother is in the room cease and desist. Stop bugging and stop over-reacting. Immediately.

Lesson 8: While you are still bugging and over-reacting, and you kick backwards at your Brother, make sure it wasn't your Mother who nudged you with her foot to remind you to stop over-reacting.

Lesson 9: When you kick your Mother instead of your Brother and she screams in pain, don't run away. Face the music like a man. Comfort her. Bring her an ice pack. Bring her a strong drink.

Lesson 10: When you feel the urge to bug or over-react, sing together. Try "Give Peace a Chance" by John Lennon, or ":Let There Be Peace On Earth".

Did we learn anything today?

Besides "Don't stand between a boy on the floor who's in kicking mode and a boy in the armchair who's in bugging mode"?



  1. Wishing you a quick healing.


  2. Another good song... If I could teach the world to sing

  3. How about you singing calmly to them "I've Got Peace Like a River" the same time as flinging a bucket of fast flowing water on said bad boys.