Sunday, February 19, 2006


Key To Your Marriage?

How pathetic is this?

I'm in the bedroom on the computer.

He's in the living room on the laptop.

(well, on/in the armchair, with the laptop on him)

We're "chatting" via the new Gmail chat thingy.

We're having a right good conversation.

Maybe we should "talk" this way all the time! It would be a good way to argue... quieter!

We're so lame!


  1. At least you're communicating.

    Chris says she finds things out about me through the blog that she'd never know otherwise. I think we communicate different, often deeper things in writing than in spoken word. For me, speech is to ephemeral, to slippery and temporary - I can forget words spoken to me in a moment. But if something is written then I can seize and chew its meaning.

    Conversely, I suspect my increasing use of the written word to communicate is causing my speech handling to atrophy. :-(

  2. Once when Anthony and I had a particularly heated discussion and I wanted to talk things out but didn't know if he had cooled off enough, i called him on the cellphone from the bedroom (he was in the living room), and we had a good talk.

    And re: Toni's comment, I often find out lots of things about Anthony's life when we are at Bible Study sharing prayer requests with the group....funny how we think we share so much with our spouse, yet there is always more around the corner.

  3. I can definately confirm that Toni can forget things said to him in a moment - and Ben seems to have inherited the tendancy.

    Does this mean I have to e-mail them any info I think it inportant that they remember?

    If so that's a pain, I can definately talk quicker than I can type! :(

  4. Chris,

    So, she wants to communicate to me in a way that makes it through my brain, she:

    Phones my office while I'm standing in front of her in the kitchen, and she leaves a message on the machine.

    Sends me an email with all the details.

    And lately she's taken to sending notes to my cell phone.

    I think my memory and/or head is melting away. The notes help.