Sunday, February 19, 2006

What Will The Neighbors Think?

I was wondering, last night, as I sat in the living room looking out at the street...

What do the neighbours think?

We don't have living room curtains.

We don't have vertical blinds.

We don't have horizontal blinds.

We don't have any window covering at all.

There's a short "valance" type thingy at the top of the window, but for the most part our window is completely open.

Open and exposed.

There are certain times during the day when the outside light allows me to look out, knowing that they can't see in very well, while at night the opposite is true.

I was thinking about it last night, noticing that the neighbour directly across the street had the curtains open and the neighbour beside them had the blinds partially drawn, leaving the center of the window open.

I wonder if our "Open Window" policy is having an affect on the rest of the street?

No one mentions it, anyway. The last time someone commented on our window dressing, (from the outside) it was to make note that we'd changed those horrible flowered curtains that came with the house. (and yes, they were hideous!)

We keep talking about getting curtains or blinds or something, but we don't seem to be motivated enough to get on with it.

I don't mind.

I like the open window in the same way that I like the wide open Saskatchewan sky.

It might leave us a little more exposed, but it may also be a little more inviting and welcoming, and as long as I don't start vacuuming in the altogether...


  1. My family always used to have the blinds open all the time. It wasn't until I married into Dixie's family that the concept of actually closing the drapes/blinds (sometimes permanently) became a reality. I kind of wish we didn't have to...

  2. last night, we surely had the neigbours wondering, as Anthony and I ran in and out of the front door, getting numerous appendages with which we tried to crawl up on the roof. When he finally got up there (by using the car as a ladder), he pried open the bedroom window and crawled right in, and i ran back in the front door.....

    we had unwittingly locked ourselves out of our bedroom!