Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In Other News...

and to distract you from that last post...

I just noticed our out-going recycling receptacle...

...(We, here in Prince Albert, have an extensive recycling program. Most of the city residents have been supplied with a large blue bin and a larger green bin. The green bin, -"G" on the refuse collection calendar, stands for "garbage". This makes sense to me; "G"... "Green bin"..."Garbage"... Now, the blue bin is for paper garbage. ONLY paper garbage. No Styrofoam egg cartons, glass or rinsed out milk jugs, if you please, and the thinking behind this makes no sense to me whatsoever... it does to someone, somewhere, I'm sure; "Blue bin"...and uh, "Paper"... and, uh, "R" on the calendar. They should have employed a poet or a linguist to come up with something that made a little more lyrical sense- like the "G"s. Maybe, "Blue bin" = "Boxes"=  ....whatever...)

In said holding place I observed: 2 McCain frozen pizza boxes, an Old El Paso Taco shell box, 2 purple "Peeps" boxes, a "Lucky Charms" cereal box, a "King Cole" tea box and a Tetley loose tea box.

This is what happens when 2/3 of our remaining children are away for the weekend.

Is this a portent of things to come?


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  1. Actually, you can put rinsed out milk jugs (the 4 litre kind) in your recycling bin as well as those apple juice cartons (you know, the oversized drinking boxes?). We've been doing so for several years without complaint from the city.