Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reality Check

Well, Seat Belt check, actually.

So, driving along, minding my own business, fresh from a stop at the local Fabricland Sewing Center where I renewed my membership and priced out Dressmaker's Forms (sort of a life-sized "mini-me"- no, wait; that might be an oxymoron...) WHEN, after having stopped to pick up a couple of friends for Micah to go sliding with, one of the occupants of the car said- (with what, in retrospect, was amazing calm) "There's a Police Car following us!"

And there, indeed, with lights flashing and all, was a City police car.

I proceeded to find a less snowy piece of shoulder to pull onto, and waited.

I hadn't been watching the speedometer, and thought maybe I had been speeding.

But no.

I wasn't wearing my seatbelt.

Eight years in this city and they finally nabbed me.


It's been about 24 years since my last ticket...to the best of my knowledge.


So much for the 20-dozen-cinnamon-bun Dressmaker's form.

This is a 22-dozen-cinnamon-bun ticket.

I will be doing some baking before April 11th.

Anybody want to buy some buns?!


Is this a bad way for my husband to find out?


  1. I'd take some cinnamon buns! How much per dozen?

  2. Mmm, I'd love some cinnamon buns, but I live in Saskatoon, probably wouldnt be too fresh in the mail....

    I got a seatbelt ticket a few years back when they were only $60. I have heard that they have gone up substantially from that. *sigh* Now I ALWAYS wear mine!

  3. Hey you make cinnamon buns for sale? Put me on your list. I know I am not there yet but I could be a regular customer once I am there.

    Taylor and I have a definite weakness.

    On anothers note is there an accountability group for those who do not wear their seatbelts. My hubby has an issue with that as well

  4. I'll take some of those orange buns. SO, I'd put Marc and I down for 2 dozen of each -- cinammon & orange.

    Seriously. Just name your price...

  5. how much are your buns? Oh wait, that sounds a little risque. I am curious and serious as to how much you would be willing to sell your cinnamon buns for.

  6. i said that and i said " mom, theres a police car behind us with there lites on"

  7. Seriously? I'll probably offer to bake for the Teachers at Micah's school on Thursday...and the Dental Clinic. I've been pretty sporadic this year, but I regularly baked for them last year. Cinnamon buns or Orange buns are going for $8/dozen. (that's a 9X13" pan's worth)Email me if you're interested.

  8. okay i am trying to think... trev comes through town on the 5 of april... i could get him to pick them up from my mom and dads ...i just need to decide how many he can smuggle on the plane...this may work

  9. Well we must help the poor girl out, I say! I'll be emailing you with an order. I do like your buns girlie!! ;-)

  10. So - it's been a couple of days since I've read your blog and see what you've gone and done!!

    We are fairly fanatical about seat belts. Our car does not start without them being on all the passangers. I can remember sitting by the side of the road when one child refused - for a long time, with some other irrate children totally disgusted at the offender. A smashed face is not a pretty sight. A pulverised brain is even messier - but maybe less painful in the end. There are very good reasons to wear the uncomfortable things.

    So sign me up for a few dozen buns. Glad you are around to make them still. :)