Thursday, April 6, 2006

Bye Bye Birdie?

So, it would appear that fledgling #1 is about to leave the nest well and truly.

(does this count as an avian post, Toni?!)

Good for her, I say.


"Une jeune fille au pair", her new employer said when we talked on the phone with him.

In charge of two little girls- cute ones with loads of personality, if the pictures are anything to go by!

Making them lunch... walking the oldest to school... teaching... entertaining... refereeing... comforting... helping... loving...

So, maybe I don't have to wait for actual grandchildren to get the respect that comes when reality cuts in- the whole, I can't believe you did this! Wow, Mom, you're amazing! I never fully appreciated all you did for us, but now that I'm trying to do it I understand. Wow. You were, and continue to be, the best Mom in the world- nay in the entire solar system!


Ah, well.

She's going to Switzerland, and she'll have a good, stretching, wonderful time. She'll fall in love with Europe and those two little girls, and she'll maybe leave part of herself behind when her time is up. Five lives that will never be the same again.


It will take a few days for the weirdness and the sad parts to settle in.



  1. Oh mamma.....I'm with you. Folks come and folks go and when it's our kids, well, we feel it all - the excitement and the sadness......and it's all OK......eventually. :~(

  2. I think it's really great that you are "letting" her go. Not like she needs your permission, really... but that you are encouraging her in this, as hard as it will be to have her on another continent...

    PS... Maybe you should change the name of this post... I thought the church organist was leaving... :)

  3. To borrow a line "and your bird can sing".

    Just seemed appropriate.