Thursday, April 6, 2006

Drip, Drip, Drip Goes The Water...

I just came in to turn the bedroom computer on and get BBC7 set up so I can listen while I mop the kitchen floor and sort through some boxes... and I am, yet again, greeted by a steady, relentless dripping  from the window.

I noticed it a few days ago.

It seems to only drip during the day, when I am home alone. I'll assume this is because the outside temperatures are higher then, and not attach some sinister, hidden meaning to it.

The problem is... that there is water dripping!

There shouldn't be water dripping from the window frame. Inside the window. Between the metal slats and the wooden frame.

If it didn't involve ladders and a possible neck fracture I'd be tempted to go get a permanent marker to mark the place that the biggest drip seems to be coming from.

Maybe, if I try really, really hard to commit the spot to memory, I'll be able to identify it for my husband when he comes in later.

Dripping water.

That's never good.

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