Thursday, April 6, 2006

School House Blues

Well, I've finished my homework.

I must admit that I was a little grumpy about it.

After all, I left school - for the second time- 20 years ago, and as I haven't embarked on any new higher education lately, I wasn't expecting homework!

One must keep in mind, when thinking about my grumpiness, that the child I was dealing with is one who regularly tries to get me to "help" with his homework... (read "do") so I wasn't motivated in the least to "help" with this latest assignment.

Unfortunately, he brought home the required note from the teacher, so I had to do my homework.

It was a good idea, to get the parents and children working together to learn about Cyber Safety and the dangers of the Internet.


My part is done, and Micah's been banished to another room to answer his questions ("make up 10 questions, then answer them" kind of questions) to give me a break from his homework banter. (apparently he works faster if he thinks out loud, and let's just say his math homework necessitated much thinking.)


This is why we don't home school.

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