Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Await The Day

Well, more accurately, I await Micah.

To be totally honest, I await an opportunity to borrow Micah's new Swiss Army knife.

Not the whole knife- just the can opening attachment.

I'm making chili for lunch.

There are a few tins of beans to open.

My can opener died.


Once I had two can openers.

Then, during one of my purging sessions, I sent the spare to the Salvation Army.

All was well until the remaining can opener went to can opener heaven in a final explosive burst of glory.

Then I had none.

So, I picked up a cheap one at the gas station, or someplace.

Cheap, being the operative word.

It lasted about a week.

By the time I needed to open another can, Micah's birthday had come and gone, and we tried out the can opening attachment on his new pocket knife.

Works fine.

Now, however, every time I need to open a can I have to track the boy down and nicely ask if I can borrow it.

So... while I wait I stir the seasoned meat... and maybe stand outside to blow some fresh air through  my onion and garlic fragranced Sunday clothes. (I forgot about that when I got dressed this morning)

And make more tea. 

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