Friday, May 12, 2006

NOW I've Done It.

I killed my Sims.

Not an individual Sim, or even a whole family of Sims.

The game CD just exploded into the CD drive.

On the other computer.

The downstairs (which is the faster) computer hadn't been booted up yet today, and all the boys are out gallivanting, and Hillary is working, so I thought... Ah... peace and quiet... a little spider solitaire, a little Sims...

That computer sometimes does this freezing thing- like little mini seizures or something.

It did it tonight.

So, I ended up re-booting it.

The first time it was on I tried to start the Sims, but it kept either requesting the CD to be put in (it was) or it just sort of froze and didn't do anything.

After the re-boot I tried again with the Sims.

It seemed to be starting up fine... sounded right- does it's little engine-up like a plane taking off...

...and then all of a sudden there's this horrific crackling sound and the computer starts making this awful noise...

I cried, "Oh, Dear God!" (believe me, it was a prayer) and started pressing the CD eject button.

The CD tray finally popped open, and what to my wondering eye should appear, (as the computer begins it's uninitiated shut-down procedure) but my Sims CD- or what used to be my Sims CD.




I killed the Sims.

I may have killed the computer.

I wonder if this is how murderers feel when they are standing over the body with the smoking gun in their hand wondering if they should try to bury it and destroy the evidence or just wait for the police to arrive.

I am shaken.

And slightly stirred.

What will my husband say?!


I think I'll stay upstairs.

I'm afraid to go back down to the scene of the crime.

The broken, lifeless computer- body, with it's little CD drive sticking out like a tongue is just too distressing.



Oh, man- I think the van just turned in the drive.


This is me, going to face the music.


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