Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What Time Is It Kids? It's Track Meet Time!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

What fun! What a day!

Let's Run! Let's Jump! Let's have some fun!

We'll cheer! We'll race! Our proud parents will swell the ranks of adoring fans! The sun will shine! The birds will sing!



Yes. That was dripping with sarcasm.


Well... it was Track Meet day.

There was running, (and discus, and ball throw and long and triple jump) ... there were parents, (but no more  than 5 including me)... the sun was shining (somewhere above the rain clouds)...

But not to dwell on the negative:

-it only rained heavily for the last 30 minutes of my shift running the ball throw (for the first hour and a half there was just a steady drizzle) 

-there were no mosquitoes (I think it was too wet for them)

-I didn't have to water the berry bushes when I got home


Seems to me I never was much of a fan of the track meet day...

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