Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flavoured Whipped Cream

I made a Lemon Sauced Pudding for supper that didn't turn out very well. (I tried to make it "diabetic", with Splenda instead of sugar...)

However... I whipped some cream to go on top, and as it was whipping, I thought... hmm... lemon whipped cream...

I had some "Crystal Light" lemonade drink mix. I measured out half a package, and added it to the cream as it was being whipped.

Was it ever good!

So- the dessert topping idea of the summer? Add some flavoured drink mix to your whipping cream to complement your dessert. (Koolaid drink mix and icing sugar should work)

I think the lemon whipped cream would be really nice with a plain white cake and blueberry sauce... or ginger cake...

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