Thursday, June 15, 2006

In My Dreams

My husband was up and at 'em early today.

The false alarm phone call at 7:00 am might have had something to do with it.

(it rang twice, but whoever was calling must have hung up before either I or the Machine could answer)

So, around 7:35 or so, he was off; computer case in hand.

Away to greet the day.

And this morning?

I envied him.

Morning is the best time of day; before anyone else is awake. The house is quiet. The birds are singing. The sun is (sometimes) shining. The day is fresh and unsullied as new fallen snow. Endless possibilities on the horizon. Hope springs eternal.

I envisioned him toddling out to the van, and making his way to Tim's for coffee... his other, favourite coffee place won't be open for a few hours yet... he'll take it up to the office, where man nor mouse will be stirring for a while... he'll get some nice internet music going... quiet, calm, sipping good coffee... checking his favourite web spaces... thinking about the day... ahhh...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Class Bike Trip Boy has to be prodded awake with a long stick, ( he bites) and coaxed out of his lair. He burned his arms yesterday and has become even more tetchy than his normal pre-adolescent hormones would account for. 

There are not too many days that I wish I were him, but this morning I did. I wished I too had a place to go; a place away from here.

Good thing these times don't come very often.



  1. This morning I took a chance and rode my bike. Now look at the weather. I have a rain jacket at least to get home with.

    I hope the class bike trip boy has rain gear or that they did not have far to go.

  2. Ahh... I now see that I wasn't very clear on that... the class trip was yesterday, during which he got the sun burn. This morning he had "sun burn hangover" and had a hard time getting up. He's such a whiner!


  3. Nope, no good coffee, and no chillin tunes.

    By 7:45 am I was seeply embroiled in writing a delicate yet forceful email, which always causes me some fear and trepidation.

    Then off to meet some retired guys for coffee and to the hospital to catch up on that friend who nearly didn't make it through the week.

    Actually, I forgot completely about lunch, and breakfast was coffee with the guys.

    no wonder i have heartburn tonight.