Tuesday, June 6, 2006

It's Time

For a new brain?

I had supper ready a bit late, only giving me 25 minutes to eat and get ready to go to the last Home & School meeting of the year. More significantly, it may be the last Home & School (as we know it) meeting ever due to a bunch of new regulations and recommendations coming out of a re-organized School Division.

So, I was pumped to be ready on time.

We're going to a funky coffee shop.

I am being picked up.

I'm ready.


The time of the meeting was firmly established in my brain as commencing at 6:00.

I was ready and waiting by 5:45.

Leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of the street in case a certain little lady....

I phoned about 6:05 or so.

"6" has been definitely in my mind. 


I guess the meeting is on the 6th.

Above the reminder for the Home & School meeting in the School Newsletter was an announcement for Grade 6.

It's like when I'm grocery shopping  and I see the  Campbell's Tomato soup on the shelf, and I reach for the Campbell's Tomato soup, but when I get home I unpack Heinz Tomato soup and realize that while my eye saw Campbell's, my hand grabbed Heinz... and my brain wasn't paying attention.   

It's definitely time.

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