Thursday, June 8, 2006

That's A Hard Way To Get A Cinnamon Bun

My friend's birthday is today, so I made him some Cinnamon Buns to help him celebrate.

This means my family got Cinnamon Buns too.

They ate all but 1 and a half.

D'ya know... I hadn't had a Cinnamon Bun in a year and a half?

(Don't think about how many I've made!)

Since the lawn needs mowing again, (and they're forecasting rain all weekend, and Randall's on his way to Alberta for board meetings, and Micah's at the Melfort Wave Pool all day, and Thomas will be at Football camp til past 6:00, and Johanna's working, and Hillary's at school... ) and since I seem to be the only one available for mowing duty, I thought- hey! If I have to mow the lawn anyway, and it always takes more than an hour, I should be able to work off any cinnamon bun sweetness!


I ate the rest of the cinnamon buns- only one and a half, you'll remember!

I really do make good cinnamon buns.

And it took just over 2 hours to mow the front, the back and the sides.

And do you know, that after all that, my glucose level was still slightly above the top end of normal?!

I either make really bad-for-you cinnamon buns, or my glucose tolerance is worse than I suspected.

I guess I might find out tomorrow... it's "D"- (as in "Doctor") day.

Oh, well.

It was a lovely lunch treat, and the lawn is mowed.



And the little Daddy bird was cussing me out from the trees, so that must mean the Mama and the babies/ eggs are still in the bird house, so that's good.

I think I'll put the towels in the dryer and then build a Sims house while I wait for my post-shower hair to dry.


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