Thursday, June 8, 2006

Incidentally, I Like The Sims Because

I can make them do things... like Clean Up, and Recycle, and Put Away Books or Toys, and Go Here, or Run Here...

They do what they're told.

They don't talk back to me.

There are money cheats, so you never run out.

When you think you might like a Dining Room just there, you can put one just there.

It's so easy to make them happy.

They have babies in three Sims days.

The Teenagers become adults in about 2 Sims weeks.

If the little Simettes don't do what you tell them to do, you just have to get a job, without hiring a Nanny, then Social Services will come and take them away.

When you get tired of an Adult Character, you can just make them move out.

Or send them swimming and then take the ladders away.


Life should be more like the Sims.


Maybe we should get a pool...


  1. I was totally addicted to that game a while back. Then I sat back and said to myself " Self, why in the world are you playing a game about going to work, paying bills and entertaining friends when that's what your life is all about anyway!!!???!!!"

    That's when I put the game away and continued on with the game of life.

    Oh, and I accidently killed one of my Sims too..


  2. You made me giggle again!

    If only there was a mouse attachment to our own "little sims"

    :) :) :)