Wednesday, August 2, 2006

It's A Little Cloudy

It happened again today.

It happens most often when I'm driving by myself.

It could be that my mind is more free to wander when I'm driving, just watching the road, not thinking about anything in particular.

When it happens it's like a dark cloud passing over the sun, followed by a shaft of piercing lightening, a rumble like thunder in the depths of  my soul and the pricking of precipitation behind my eye lids.

It almost always follows an innocuous thought.

An inane contemplation.

Mindless reflection.

Always it comes unexpectedly, washing over me with a shock like a cold wave.

Dad's  gone.

He's just gone.

And the sadness, like a fog, rolls in, obscuring the vision for awhile. 


  1. It's always a shock when, la de dah, about our day and it hits you. For me it helps when I see or do something that triggers those blues, I try to think of a time when I saw or did the same thing WITH them. Ever driven with your dad for fun? Just to go somewhere for no real serious reason or destination.... Praying for you my friend.