Sunday, July 30, 2006

And So Ends

The Fowl Words marathon.

When Randall's away, meaning he's not here to turn the computer off while a game is in progress, I like to leave it on, pausing it at the end of a round. I'll come back to it and peck away at the rounds during the course of the day.

Last winter I tried to see how many rounds there were and made it to just over 100.

Today marks the end of the third day of my most recent game.

My previous high score was 1628700.

Tonight, after round 233, with an all time high score of 4014700, I pressed the "Quit" button.

The Man is home.

The holiday is over.

I've obviously had too much time on my hands.

Tomorrow I'll get back to reality.


  1. So that's where the "crazy" gene comes from...

  2. I am so glad to know that I'll never "beat" that game. I keep playing and wondering how many levels there are. I kept thinking it would be fun to beat it. Then I could quit. I think I'll just quit now.

  3. Now I need a new game. Any suggestions? I like something sort of mindless like pacman, fowl words, gold miner.

  4. Actually "Easter Eggin'" is pretty mindless. Completely like Gold Miner, but I know for certain there are only 20 levels. Sort of gives you a short term goal- and doesn't take much longer than half an hour to get through all the levels. I've also been getting into "Internet Backgammon". That generally only takes 3 rounds to win or lose. You feel bad ditching a game halfway through, though, as you're connected to another actual person somewhere. But, there's a chat button that says "Sorry I have to go now" for emergencies!